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35 for 35 HSA Giving Campaign 2023 !!!

Anpil men chay pa lou! Ansanm ansanm nap vanse!  

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The 35th Annual HSA conference at Morehouse College in October 2023 reminded us how crucial the Haitian Studies Association is in generating groundbreaking scholarship and cultivating relationships that sustain a healthy, vibrant and ever-growing community of world-wide scholars while also producing research-based evidence that is used in advocacy work in and for Haiti. More than ever HSA needs your help. 

At our annual conference in Atlanta over 300 members gathered, exchanged ideas, and discussed the future of HSA. KOSANBA joined forces with HSA this year and members of both organizations enjoyed being able to interact and connect at the crossroads of our two lakou. We were honored to have among us founding HSA members, longtime supporters and past presidents including: Gerdès Fleurant, Alix Cantave, Kathleen Balutansky, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Carole Berotte-Joseph, Josiane Hudicourt-Barnes, François Pierre-Louis, LeGrace Benson, Carolle Charles, Charlene Désir, Leslie Desmangles, Alex Dupuy, Robert Fatton, Claudine Michel and our local host, immediate Past President and Morehouse Dean Regine Jackson. Nou di tout gwo potomitan sa yo mèsi !  Nou voye yon gwo kout chapo tou pou tout lòt manm potomitan yo ki mache ansanm avèk nou depi tout lane sa yo ke yo toujou prezan nan konferans nou yo ! 

HSA was also thrilled to welcome a large cohort of brilliant young interdisciplinary scholars with the most amazing and generative research projects at the conference. The innovative and talented scholars of the next generation are frankly too numerous to name here but, because of them, we know that Haitian Studies has a bright future ahead! We also know that their courageous work will impact Haiti and the Haitian people in ways that are forward-looking and life-changing. Nou di yo tout mèsi anpil. Nou konte sou yo pou kontinye fè HSA avanse.

Some of our accomplishments in the past couple of years include: 

  • The Emerging Scholars Committee has sustained a full program of presentations and research mentorship throughout the year
  • We have established an HSA Arnold Antonin Film Award; screened films and documentaries online and in-person in pre-conference events 
  • We co-sponsored online sessions on current events including the “An Island in the Chain” Series organized by members Mamyrah Dougé Prosper and Nyya Toussaint 
  • Members of the Sexualities Working Group launched a call for a special edited issue of the Journal of Haitian Studies on “The Rights to Live Creatively” to be published in 2024
  • The Environmental Understanding Working Group has a developed resource list on the environment and contributed to a Fall 2023 special issue of the Journal of Haitian Studies on the Environment
  • The Archives and Public Memory Working Group is developing a database of documents and public archives available on Haiti worldwide. One goal is to produce a trilingual guide of best practices about archival preservations 
  • We hired a 2022/2023 Digital fellow who began building Konbit Konesans–HSA’s forthcoming open-access online platform for members to share and access publications, resources and syllabi–and secured support from the Digital Library of the Caribbean. A second Digital Fellow to be appointed in 2024 will continue expanding the work.

We do all of this with the labor and time as well as material and financial support of membership. With your help we can continue to do more! 

If you have both the will and the means, we encourage you to make an end-of-year tax deductible donation to HSA  by 31 December 2023 (donation receipts will be sent in late January 2024).

If you would like to make a directed donation to a scholarship or specific program ($3500 level and up) please email Claudine Michel (claudine@ucsb.edu) and Cécile Accilien (cecileaccilien@gmail.com)] to set up a meeting to discuss the details.

We know that HSA can count on you!  

Enjoy the Holidays and please take time for rest and self-care. 

And remember that others walk with you.  Men anpil, chay pa lou!  The konbit within our HSA lakou continues… N ap vanse ansanm ansanm.

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