Haitian Studies Association

Standing Committees

The Haitian Studies Association has eight standing committees and three ad hoc committees. Each committee is led by a member of the H.S.A. board and comprised of members of the association. Members interested in joining a committee can sign up to volunteer here.

1. Awards Committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the annual HSA awards and presenting the choices to the Board of Directors who then vote on the awards. A call of nomination is also sent to the general membership.

2. Communications Committee assures timely and adequate communication with HSA members and the public using social media and other communication tools.

3. Conference Planning Committee & 4. Conference Program Committee are tasked with the conceptualization and the delivery of a successful annual conference. The Vice President is charged with overseeing all matters that pertain to the planning and execution of the conference.

5. Emerging Scholars Committee provides directions to the Board of Directors on all matters that pertain to the scholarship and development of undergraduate and graduate students and all other scholars who have recently completing graduate degrees and/or at the beginning of their careers. The committee also oversees the annual Emerging Scholars events and research and travel awards.

6. Growth and Futures Committee reaffirms HSA’s academic mission and seeks to develop strategies to increase the impact of its scholarly contributions both in the academy and on the ground in Haiti.

7. Nominations and Elections Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors every year to select and vet candidates for Vice President and members of the Board of Directors. The Committee will be appointed at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled elections. One member of the current Board of Directors shall serve on the Nominations Committee as liaison with the Board.

8. Resource, Mobilization, and Recruitment Committee will pursue appropriate avenues for raising funds to carry out the mission of HSA and put in place strategies to increase outreach and membership. The H.S.A. Treasurer chairs this committee.

Ad Hoc Committees

1. Haiti Outreach Committee’s main objective is to work collaboratively with Haiti-based scholars to promote academic research, increase programming, and disseminate scholarship that highlight distinctive perspectives and priorities in Haiti. Through active partnership with other HSA committees, the Haiti Outreach Committee will also support emerging scholars in Haiti through various intellectual activities and events.

2. Decolonizing Haitian Studies Committee 

3. The Public Scholarship and Engagement Committee fosters HSA members’ participation in education, collaboration, research dissemination, and outreach beyond traditional academic settings, including, but not limited to, popular publications, digital projects, the arts, and activism/advocacy.