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Happy New Year HSA Members!

Happy New Year HSA Members!

We hope this message finds you well, with soft landings into 2024. We want to wish everyone a peaceful and healthy new year.

2023 was a year filled with challenges including wars around the world on the African continent, in the Middle East, and in Europe and the ongoing instability and kidnapping in our own Haiti. In the United States as elsewhere in the world, we continue to be confronted with public backlash against movements to repair the harms of sexism, racism, and other forms of marginalization and oppression. As academics, artists, activists and practitioners, we continue to move forward despite significant obstacles in our universities and other work environments where new formulations of old challenges have emerged around curriculum, public health, freedom of speech, and the politics of diversity and representation. Our very presence and inclusive platforms in teaching, research, and administration continue to be perceived as threats to an academy that is still exclusionary to this date. Now more than ever the work that each one of you does to bring about justice and different forms of knowledge remains vitally important. A luta continua !

This year we had a milestone 35th anniversary conference at Morehouse College in Atlanta with over 300 participants. During our conference we spent time reflecting upon where we are as an organization as well as the legacy we would like to leave for the next 35 years. The conference provided a great opportunity to showcase the work of our seasoned scholars as well as that of brilliant emerging scholars producing generative interdisciplinary research in fields ranging from anthropology to gender studies, law, environmental studies and public policy. We also continue to work collaboratively with Haiti-based scholars to promote academic research, increase programming, and disseminate scholarship that highlight distinctive perspectives and priorities in Haiti.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new 2024 board of directors: April Mayes as Vice President, Alexandra Cenatus, Darlène Dubuisson, and Alex Lenoble as board members, and Natasha Joseph as our student representative to the board. We thank them for their willingness to serve and look forward to collaborating with them.

This year as part of our 35 year celebration we have a 35 for 35 giving campaign and we encourage you to contribute any amount you can: https://35for35campaign.haitianstudies.org

As we begin this new year, we would like to take this moment to express our gratitude to you for your continuous support of HSA and its vision. We are strong because of our members. We invite both our new and long-time members to visit our website regularly to stay informed about our ongoing programs and activities, learn about our new initiatives and highlight members’ achievements.


We also would like to let you know that our 36th annual conference will be held at Brooklyn College from Thursday October 10th to Sunday October 14th, 2024. We are excited that the Haitian Studies Institute under the leadership of Dr. Marie Lily Cerat will welcome us to Brooklyn! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Bon ane tout moun! Ansanm ansanm nap kontinye vanse!

On behalf of HSA,

Dr. Cécile Accilien, President

Dr. April Mayes, Vice-President

Dr. Irene Brisson Secretary

Dr. Claudine Michel, Executive Director