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World Humanity & Economy: Haiti – In Person Film Screening & Panel (Feb. 21, 2023)

Note: This is not an H.S.A. sponsored event. We are simply sharing the word.

Location: The New School University Center – Room UL 102 (63 5th Avenue New York, NY 10003)

Date & Time: Feb. 21 @ 6:00pm

This program looks at how the historic challenges of Haiti informs their modern economy. But the program also looks at humanity, spirit and activism in Haiti that keeps them fighting towards social justice and economic equity.

Film Program – Karen McMullen, Guest Curator

An Excavation of Us (Le Déterrement de Nous) (2017), dir. Shirley Bruno:

The shadows of Napoleon’s army fall upon a boat traveling through the mysterious cave named after her legend Marie Jeanne, a female soldier who fought in the Haitian Revolution. It is this battle inside her cave that will become the most successful slave revolution in history. 

Agwe, dir. Samuel Suffren:

Francois leaves Haiti by sailboat for the USA, leaving behind Mirlande, his six months pregnant wife. Ten years later, without any news, the woman who still hopes and waits offers a sacrifice to Agwe, the divinity of the oceans.

Elena, dir. Michèle Stephenson:

In 2013, the Dominican Republic’s government stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, rendering more than 200,000 people stateless. Elena and her family stand to lose their legal residency there if they don’t get their documents in time. Negotiating a mountain of bureaucracy in a racist, hostile society, Elena becomes the face of the struggle to remain in a country built on the labor of her forefathers. 

Exile, dir. Richard Sénécal:

While in Paris, Haitian director Richard Sénécal speaks with Gessica Geneus, an actress he worked with on many of his films. Gessica shares her testimonial of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and how it is to be away from Haiti. 

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