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Working across Disciplines toward an Environmental Understanding for Haiti

Konbit miltidisiplinè pou konesans anviwònman ann Ayiti

The Working Group posts a monthly series of articles as well as announcements of any special events or initiatives here. If you have an idea for a post, please contact us at makandal@earthlink.net or legrace.benson@gmail.com.

Konbit pou Anviwònman an afiche la yon seri atik manswèl ansanm avèk tout kalite anons— evènman espesyal, inisyativ, elatriye. Si ou gen yon lide pou espas sa, tanpri kontakte nou a makandal@earthlink.net ou legrace.benson@gmail.com.


SOIL Haiti – A Circular Economy Model for Urban Sanitation in Vulnerable Communities

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is a Haiti-based non-profit social enterprise that is setting a global example for how to affordably and sustainably provide safely managed sanitation in rapidly growing urban communities. Since 2006, SOIL has been working to provide access to in-home sanitation through its EkoLakay toilet service. Its circular economy approach includes providing in-home toilets, the collection and treatment of wastes, and the transformation of that waste into rich, organic compost. SOIL’s work sits at the intersection of human rights, environmental justice, and economic development, and we are proud of our long-term commitment to Haiti.

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Documentary Screening: ‘Men Sa Lanmè Di’ with Q&A with Filmmaker & Marine Scientist (July 17, 2021)

From its trailer text: “The Haitian Sea as you’ve never seen or heard it before. In this documentary, the Sea tells its story with the Haitian people. Wave after wave, the Sea showcases its riches, reveals its mysteries, and raises the alarm. From the excessive use of its resources to the consequences of climate change and pollution, the Sea displays its different shades of blue and suggests opportunities to seize. This film is an invitation to travel, discover, and also to raise awareness. Haiti’s future lies in its coasts or will not be.”

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