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Mid-March Update on the Situation in Haiti (Mar. 22, 2024)

The Haitian Studies Association is holding a webinar with scholars and activists to help understand what is happening on the ground.
Since our last webinar on March 8, 2024 de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry has agreed to step down. The various political parties are sending their nominees as part of the transitional presidential council. The attacks are ongoing and the number of deaths are increasing. People are suffering from hunger and displacement amidst the rampant violence. The majority of international organizations workers have left. The U.S. have chartered a plane for U.S. citizens that arrived in Miami this past weekend and last week it sent military forces to protect its embassy. On March 19, Gen. Laura Richardson might have stated that the US Southern Command is ‘prepared,’ with reports by the Southern Command acknowledging that US troops might [already] be stationed in the Caribbean nation. In the meanwhile, Haitians in Haiti continue to live in a state of non-stop violence.

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Healing Circles (Mar. 15 & 20, 2024)

We at In Cultured Company are sharing information on events in Haiti, but we are also focused on holding space for Haitian people impacted by this unfolding crisis.
Our Haitian team members, Dr. Evan Auguste, Jean Semelfort and Niara Carrenard will lead two emergency healing circles this week and next week to hold space in this critical and sensitive moment.
These virtual circles on March 15 and 20th will leverage the Association of Black Psychologists’ Sawubona Healing Circle model to leverage Haitian culture and wisdom for community healing spaces.

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March 2024 Haiti Crisis Update: What We Know (Mar. 8, 2024)

The Haitian Studies Association is holding a webinar with experts on Haiti to help make sense of the current political situation in the country. Since the past weekend Haitians in Haiti have been dealing with an exacerbated level of violence of unimaginable proportions. The Haitian government declared a state of emergency following attacks by gang members on Haiti’s National Penitentiary and another prison in Croix des Bouquets that freed over 3000 prisoners, including some gang leaders. One of the most notorious gang leaders, former police officer Jimmy Chérizier (aka Barbecue), has overtly stated that he—along with the newly-formed gang coalition Viv Ansanm— is ready to do whatever it takes to overthrow the government. Meanwhile de facto Prime minister Ariel Henry was in Kenya to finalize the deal whereby Kenya will lead a U.N.-approved security mission to Haiti. As of Wednesday March 6th, Henry was unable to return to Haiti as gangs occupied the airports and there are rumors that the US is asking for his resignation. Panelists will also discuss possible scenarios to resolve the current crisis.

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