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Magalie Civil

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As a committed researcher, I opt for an epistemological posture that is part of a logic of production of transformative knowledge. I make Haiti my main field of research and activism as well. I started my master’s degree in 2019, and I took the risk of carrying out my thesis project on peyilòk, an emerging phenomenon on which there was no scientific literature when I started. With this research I obtained the Emerging Researcher Award from Haitian Association Studies (HSA) this year. My doctoral research is a continuation of this research. I will discuss the tactical and strategic performance of protest actors on the one hand, political and state actors on the other, the interaction between protest movements and the state, and the impact of the mobilizations of the Haitian diaspora in the current crisis in Haiti. My goal is to continue to do research in Haiti and contribute to making intelligible the various obstacles that defeat every transformative project in Haiti.