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Nathalie Cerin

Woy Magazine - Artist

Email: cerin.nathalie@gmail.com
Open to talking with: Anyone

Interests: Anthropology, Architecture, Black Studies, Cultural Studies, Decolonization, Development, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, Economics, Education, Environment, History, Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid, Identity, Immigration, International Relations, Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Mental Health, Music, Natural Sciences, Performance Studies, Political Science, Religion, Sexualities, Sociology, Medicine / Public Health, Arts - Performing, Arts - Visual, Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology / Social Psychology

Nathalie ‘Talie' Cerin is a musician, educator and digital content creator. Her music, accompanied by her trusty guitar, is a blend of the two cities and cultures that shaped her: Philadelphia and Port-au-Prince. Her debut studio project, Solèy Midi is available on all major platforms at http://album.link/SoleyMidi. Nathalie is also chief editor for Woy Magazine, an online platform that seeks to be a meeting place for Haitians in Haiti and abroad. Woy's content is available in Kreyòl and English, and explores history, politics, and arts through its blog, weekly newsletter, and podcast. Check is on social media @WoyMagazine and www.WoyMagazine.com Nathalie holds a master's degree in multicultural education, and currently works in social services for Philadelphians experiencing scarcity. She is passionate about Haiti and social justice, and using the arts to educate and raise awareness on these two topics.