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Nancy Herard-Marshall

Gaya Healing Arts Center - dance/movement psychotherapist, Visiting Instructor at Pratt Institute

Open to talking with: Anyone

Interests: Black Studies, Cultural Studies, Decolonization, Diaspora Studies, Education, Identity, Mental Health, Arts - Visual

Nancy Herard-Marshall is a Haitian-American dance/movement therapist and authentic movement practitioner living in New York City. She is the owner and psychotherapist at Gaya Healing Arts Center, a private practice in Harlem, NYC. Nancy earned her B.A. degree in Multicultural Dance and Theatre in Education at Empire State College in New York, NY and her M.S. degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. As a dance/movement therapist she has clinical experience working with diverse populations such as inpatient acute psychiatric care, outpatient co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions, HIV/AIDS and chronic illness, special needs populations, and behavioral disorders. She has worked with individuals suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, autism, ADHD, depression, sexual abuse, dementia and Alzheimer's. Ms. Herard-Marshall has over 30 years experience in the arts giving her a complete and rounded background in the arts and mental health. Nancy specializes in addressing race-based trauma and its compounded affects on the lives of her clients. She is currently a board member, ethics committee member and arts project member at the Faculté de Travail Social et de Justice Sociale/College of Social Work and Social Justice (FTSJS)located in Bon Repos, Haiti. At Pratt Institute, she is a curriculum consultant for the Creative Arts Therapy Department assisting in dismantling and decolonizing the program by de-centering western psychology and introducing African-American and African-based psychologies. Nancy is also an active member of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) and The Association for Black Psychologists (ABPsi).