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Erica Moiah James

University of Miami - Assistant Professor

Email: emj58@miami.edu
Open to talking with: Anyone

Interests: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Decolonization, Digital Humanities, Environment, History, Literature, Queer Theory, Arts - Performing, Arts - Visual, Women's and Gender Studies

Erica Moiah James is an Art Historian, Curator and Assistant Professor at The University of Miami. Her research and writing centers on indigenous, modern and contemporary art of the Caribbean and the African Diaspora. Select publications include Charles White's J'Accuse! and the Limits of Universal Blackness (AAAJ, 2016); Every N***r is a Star: Re-imaging Blackness from Post Civil Rights America to the Post-Independence Caribbean (Black Camera, 2016), Decolonizing Time: Nineteenth Century Haitian Portraiture and the Critique of Anachronism in Caribbean Art (NKA, 2019) and numerous curatorial essays including “The Black Sublime: Rene Pena's Archangel, 2018” (SX 2019), Ricardo Brey's “Adrift”(MER, B&L, 2019) and “Theriantropic Beasts: The Mystic Revelation of Tomás Esson” (ICA 2020), “Edouard Duval Carrié: Historical Retelling and the Postmodern Baroque” (Bass Museum 2020) and “Didier William: The Rule of Perfect Certainty” (2020). Her forthcoming book is entitled After Caliban: Caribbean Art in the Global Imaginary. Before arriving in Miami, she was the founding director and chief curator of the National Gallery of The Bahamas (2003-2011) and an Assistant Professor at Yale University. She is a 2019-2022 Research Associate at the Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Center, University of Johannesburg, S.A.