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Petrouchka Moise

Grinnell College - post-doc fellow, data curator, artist, researcher

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Email: petrouchka.moise@gmail.com
Open to talking with: Educators (K-12), Government Officials, Journalists, Non-Profit Organizations, Policymakers, Scholars, Students (K-12), Students (College), Activists, Artists

Interests: Anthropology, Black Studies, Cultural Studies, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, History, Identity, Arts - Visual

Dr. Moïse is currently a CLIR/Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Haitian Visual Arts. She works jointly with the Grinnell College Library and the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Dr. Moïse will play a central role in coordinating the Haitian Art Digital Crossroads project (HADC). The HADC aims to make the Haitian art collection of the Waterloo Center for the Arts, the largest publicly held collection of Haitian art in the world, digitally accessible as a preparatory study for the creation of a digital hub for a network of online resources in Haitian and Caribbean studies. In addition to managing this project, she will collaborate with cultural and academic institutes within Haiti and the Diaspora to build awareness of this collection as she develops her ‘mitan-morphic' theory. With the use of augmented reality, her research bridges the reclaimed narrative of the contemporary Haitian artist's diverse cultural production, artistic protest, religious heritage and mythologies to create a compelling portrait of a historically significant and intensely complex identity in flux. By analyzing their art production processes, Dr. Moïse has identified the Haitian signature where the artist has the ability to reshape the artistic narrative from traumatic to triumphant. Her post-doctoral research focuses on the use of fine art (paintings and sculptures) that has been donated, converted and utilized as Voudou objects within Voudou peristils. The significance of her research develops the anthropologic landscape of visual art beyond the cultural works, such as religious significance, logistical placement, artistic provenance.