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Henry (Chip) Carey

Georgia State University - professor

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Email: hcarey@gsu.edu
Open to talking with: Anyone

Interests: Diaspora Studies, International Relations, Political Science

Henry (Chip) Carey has been a professor of political science at Georgia State University in Atlanta since 1998. He had published numerous journal articles and a dozen books on peacebuilding, democratization and Haitian studies, and advocates for Haitian rights. Among his Haiti-related publications include forthcoming books co-edited with Robert Fatton on Haiti's Structural Challenges; and co-edited with Karen Richman on Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the International Community. He is also the guest editor of a forthcoming special Issue on Haiti and the International Community in the Journal of International Organization Studies. Among his publications include: “Haiti: Sending in the Peacekeepers Redux,” LASA Forum, Vol. XXXV, no.1 (Spring 2004).pp.6-8; “The Future of Haiti after the Elections," Latin American Advisor (Washington: Inter-American Dialogue, February 9, 2006), pp.1,4; "US Domestic Politics and the Emerging Humanitarian Intervention Policy: Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo," World Affairs, Vol. 164, no.2, (Fall 2001), pp.72-82; “US Policy in Haiti: The Failure to Help Despite the Rhetoric to Please,” Journal of Haitian Studies, Vol.8, no.2 (Autumn 2002), pp.86-111; “The Third US Intervention and Haiti's Paramilitary Predicament,” Journal of Haitian Studies, Vol.11, no.1 (Spring 2005), p.88-111; “Militarization without Civil War: the Security Dilemma and Regime Consolidation in Haiti, Civil Wars, Vo.7, no.4 (Winter 2005), pp.330-356; and “The Slow Rise of Social Movement Organizations for Memorialization in Haiti: Lutte Contre Impunité, Devoire de Memoire-Haiti and Digitizing the Record on Atrocities,” in Eve Monique Zucker and David Simon (eds.), Mass Violence and Memory in the Digital Age, (Palgrave Macmillan 2020), pp. 175-196.