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Benjamin Krause

UC Berkeley - student

Email: benjaminkrause@berkeley.edu
Open to talking with: Anyone

Interests: Economics, Humanitarian Aid, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology / Social Psychology

I am a 6th year PhD Candidate studying development economics and political economy with a particular interest in institutional formation in weak states and ungoverned spaces. In my research, I combine my networks and years of experience working as a humanitarian and development professional with my broad educational background, knowledge of theory and training as a microeconomist to conceive of, design, fund and implement novel randomized controlled trials (RCTs). I similarly identify, access and employ relevant administrative data sets both in service of RCTs and to exploit quasi-random policy variations for causal identification. I work primarily in collaboration with and in support of local government and civil society partners, and I strive to conduct experiments at-scale while minimizing deviations from normal operations.