Haitian Studies Association

Haitian Creole in Higher Education Speaker Series Conversation Club

March 26, 2021 (Friday): 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

March 26th: Dr. David Tezil - Sustainable Development in Haiti

Dr. Tezil will be presenting in English on how the knowledge of local practices can inform international development and self-sustaining poverty reduction efforts in Haiti

Born in Port-au-Prince, not only does Dr. Tezil serve and support humanitarian efforts in Haiti, but he also conducts research on language, literacy, bilingualism, and sustainable development as he continues to advocate for policy changes. Dr. Tezil has also worked with the Haitian communities in South Florida as an interpreter and language facilitator for the Department of Multicultural Education of Palm Beach School District I and contributed to the implementation of bilingual and multicultural learning materials for Haitian speaking students as well as adult literacy programs. He earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics from Indiana University in 2019. (Description from Indiana University webpage).

This spring a virtual group, Haitian Creole in Higher Education Speaker Series Conversation Club, is taking place which is a 10-week pilot initiative where once a week, Haitian Creole speakers in higher education will meet for one hour. All meetings will take place on Fridays at 3pm Eastern time and will require the Zoom registration link to join which will stay the same for each week. Every week a different speaker from a different type of initiative will speak for 20-25 minutes about their program, followed by a question and answer group discussion period. Please contact Amanda Brinton at ab86@ufl.edu with any questions.

Fridays, 3pm Eastern time Jan 29th-April 2nd

Zoom Registration Link

Disclaimer: This event is not sponsored by the Haitian Studies Association. 

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