Haitian Studies Association

The Sexualities Working Group


  • Josué Azor
  • Dasha Chapman
  • Mario LaMothe
  • Mamyrah Prosper

As queer artivist Josué Azor states, “my work is militant because I live in a place where my existence is extraordinary. Living as we are and as we please is a militant act.” The Sexualities Working Group mobilizes toward the rights to live creatively for Haitian LGBTQ/M-community, Vodouyizan, and all those who do not conform to sexual/gendered norms. We are U.S. and Haiti-based scholar-practitioners who desire to create stronger relationships between institutional resources, scholarly-activist efforts, and Haitians with whom we work and are inspired. Building on our Fall 2020 working sessions, we convene over the next three years to catalyze new networks and knowledge between scholars, activists, artists, and queer Haitians living in resistance to multiple assaults on their existence. Through a series of performance festivals, working sessions, and an online resource platform, we collectivize shared commitments to bolstering the work of queer Haitian crusaders.

Events held by this Working Group in 2020

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