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Announcements & Statements

Giving Tuesday 2022

Dear friends and supporters of HSA,

The proverb says: “Anpil men chay pa lou” [With many hands the load is lighter]. As an academic organization, HSA continues to provide ongoing programs to help us remain connected to scholarship in Haiti and stay aware of current events. We also offer important information to our membership, Haitian scholars and others interested in Haiti. November 29, 2022 is Giving Tuesday. We ask you to consider donating to HSA in whatever capacity you canBay piti pa di chich. [Anything you give is appreciated].

Mèsi anpil! Thank you!

Below are five ways in which you can donate to the association:

Gift to HSA

A gift to HSA helps support the day to day operations of the office, supplement funding for scholarships and events promoting Haitian Scholarship.

Founders Circle

The Founders Circle was created in 2009. By contributing you help support the tireless efforts of the secretariat to ensure the smooth daily operations of the association. By contributing to the Founders Circle you receive acknowledgment on our website, newsletter and conference materials.

Support the HSA Haiti Committee

This fund will be to support the work of the Haiti-based HSA committee.

Emerging Scholars Fund

HSA established the Student and Emerging Scholars’ fund during the 2006 conference. Since 2008 the HSA board has earmarked $1000 annually to support student research and participation in our annual conference. Two scholarships ($500 each) may be applied toward travel and accommodation expenses incurred for attending an HSA conference and/or presenting a specific research project concerning Haiti and/or the Haitian diaspora.

Michel Rolph Trouillot Scholarship

The Michel-Rolph Trouillot Fund was started in 2012 to expand participation in HSA among Haiti-based academic and public scholars, artists, and professionals who might not be able to attend the conference without financial assistance.

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Upcoming Events

Emerging Scholars Café (Dec. 9, 2022)



The Emerging Scholars Committee would like to invite you to its last Emerging Scholars Café for the year on December 9, 2022 at 2:00 pm EDT on Zoom. 

We welcome Samantha Schifano, doctoral student at University of Buffalo, to present “Caribbean/Eco-Criticism/French Literature” and Jameson Léopold, masters student at Université de Toulouse, on the topic “The implementation of a public policy to prevent the brain drain from Haiti.” We also welcome Dr Cécile Accilien, professor at Kennesaw State University, as commentator for this panel. Presentations will be in English and French followed by a discussion in all three languages (English, Creole, French). We look forward to having you with us.

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Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn with Local Haitian Civic Leaders (Nov. 30th, 2022)

Learn how Haitian civic leaders contribute to social impact!

Anseye Pou Ayiti is a grassroots movement of Haitian civic leaders working together to transform the nation’s education system as a lever toward justice and liberation.

Date & Time: Wed, 30 November 2022, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Location: Online

An investment:

We are equipping civic leaders who will transform Haiti’s classrooms and communities into spaces that will be foundational to Haiti’s citizens reclaiming their identity and agency. We believe that education will be the next cultural revolution in our mighty Haiti. We know Haiti’s potential and, for almost ten years, our network of now 450+ civic leaders have been contributing to community transformation.

Our new series of “lunch-n-learn” sessions are meant to help us continue to build meaningful allyship as we expand connections that reinforce and elevate the work of APA’s civic leaders.

An invitation:

APA’s network of over 450 civic leaders have collectively organized initiatives that touch all sectors and are having deep, positive impact in Haitian communities. During this session, civic leaders will share initiatives they have spearheaded in their communities as a solution to select challenges. This will be an opportunity to learn from local Haitian leaders working for their communities and gain insight into the different ways they contribute to true social impact.

NOTE: This is not an H.S.A. sponsored event. We are simply sharing the information so our readership can now about it. 


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Caribbean Development Bank Scholarship (Nov. 28, 2022)


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) actively supports the enhancement of the public financial management systems of its borrowing member countries (BMCs), including in the area of public procurement. Robust public procurement is critical to ensure that scarce public funds are used appropriately and in a transparent manner to provide essential public goods, infrastructure and services to support the wider strategic goals of the BMCs. Therefore, CDB has engaged with all of its BMCs to provide support with procurement reform including capacity building.


To further CDB’s support of procurement capacity building in the Caribbean and to develop the strategic design and utilisation of public procurement, CDB is pleased to offer, through technical assistance funds provided by the Government of the Republic of Italy, a scholarship for a candidate to complete the International Master in Public Procurement  at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The programme runs from March 2023 to February 2024.  The selected candidate would be required to be based in Rome for a period of 4.25 months. The scholarship would cover:

  • the full tuition fee for the postgraduate programme;
  • travel costs to and from Italy for the programme; and
  • an allowance to live on campus at the university and for living costs.

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Members' Corner

Haitian Creole Maintenance In The Greater Chicago Area

This book examines the question of language maintenance and transmission by Haitian immigrants in the greater Chicago area based on fieldwork conducted in that community for almost two years. Essentially, this book addresses three main questions into which a few others are embedded: (1) Have the Haitian immigrants living in the greater Chicago area been able to successfully maintain Haitian Creole without shifting to English? (2) If so, how have they managed? And (3), if they have not been as successful, what have been the causes?

This volume answers these and the related questions unambiguously and considers the theoretical implications of the findings. Specifically, the analysis of the data, which were collected via several instruments including a questionnaire and selected follow-up interviews, showed that the Haitian immigrants have, to a large extent, successfully maintained Haitian Creole through the second generation and to a limited extent the third generation. They have achieved these results through a combination of language and cultural maintenance strategies including: the use of Haitian Creole in the family domain; participation in the church for religious and community-wide interactional purposes; engaging themselves in social gatherings to mark special events such as celebrations of Haitian historical event (i.e., Independence Day, Flag Day, etc.); and tuning into radio or TV programs that are broadcast in Haitian Creole.

About the Author
Johnny Laforêt, PhD, a Fulbright scholar from Paillant, Haiti, holds a PhD in French Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Teacher Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since 2016, Dr. Laforêt has been a Lecturer in French and Head of Course at Princeton University. His main research interests include Language Maintenance, Shift, and Loss, French Linguistics, Francophonie, Créolophonie, Language Pedagogy, Haitian history, culture, and literature.


Department of French & Italian – Princeton

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