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Journal of Haitian Studies Spring 2023 – Volume 29, Number 1


Guest Editors: Rebecca Dirksen and Lois Wilcken

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Earthshots from Haiti

—Rebecca Dirksen

“M pral plante yon pye bwa” (I will plant a tree): Lyrics and Stills from an Eco-musical Film Collaboration

—Rebecca Dirksen, Kendy Vérilus, & Roosevelt Saillant (BIC)

Ecological Implications of the Sacred in Azor’s “Palmis Kanpe”

—Emilio Travieso

Conservation in Community: FoProBiM’s Mangrove Restoration Project

—Jean Wiener

Eaux et territoires urbanisés en Haïti face aux changements climatiques : Analyse géographique du cas de Port-au-Prince

—Louis-Marc Pierre

The Ceremonial Bath, a Surrender to the Spirits

—Guilberly Louissaint

Ecological Wisdom in the Marvelous Realism of Vodou (by way of Jacques Stéphen Alexis)

—Lois Wilcken

Zantray lan Ginen: Performing the Feminine and Haiti’s Sacred Spaces

—Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette

La Filière arachide en Haïti peut-elle résister au « don » américain ? Analyse d’économie politique

—Camille Chalmers, Guelsonne Calixte, François Gérard Junior Denart, Tonny Joseph, & Marc J. Cohen

Ecological Disquisitions on Six Paintings by Edouard Jean

—LeGrace Benson

New Planning Targets for the Haitian Energy Sector

—Jodany Fortuné & Gary W. Gervais

“Desitire fatra” (Get rid of trash): Lyrics and Stills from an Eco-musical Film Collaboration

—Rebecca Dirksen, Kendy Vérilus, & Samuel Vicière (Samy-Gee)

Marasa: A Special Issue and a Working Group for the Environment

—LeGrace Benson & Lois Wilcken


Caribbean Eco-fictions: Multilayered Stories of the Haitian Environment

Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert

Haïti déforestée, paysages remodelés, by Alex Bellande

Production of Disaster and Recovery in Post-earthquake Haiti: Disaster Industrial Complex, by Loretta Pyles and Juliana Svistova

There Is No More Haiti: Between Life and Death in Port-au-Prince, by Greg Beckett

Humanity’s Last Stand, by Mark Schuller

Reviewed by Vincent Joos

Le Cadre juridique haïtien de gestion et de protection de l’environnement, by Maismy-Mary Fleurant

Reviewed by Sam-Fleury Eugène

Men sa lanmè di / Ainsi parla la mer (Thus spoke the sea), by Arnold Antonin

Reviewed by Lois Wilcken

Ijan(s) / Urgence(s), by Kolektif2D

Reviewed by Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken