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Being the First Responders: On the 13th Year of Haiti Earthquake

It was an accident. Third-degree burns nestled into the toddler’s limbs, and her anxious caregivers debated over taking her to the hospital. After a few days of the toddler’s blood-curdling screams, they faced their fear of deportation, and took her to the hospital.

As recent migrants from Haiti, they not only fled a three-decade dictatorship financed by the United States, but they also arrived with papers in hand… 


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The crisis in Haiti, explained

Haiti is in the grip of a deepening crisis. Armed gangs are expanding their control of the Caribbean nation through increasingly violent attacks.
A state of emergency was declared on Sunday after gangs raided two prisons, freeing thousands of inmates. Hours later, they launched an assault on the country’s main airport. One gang leader is warning of a 'civil war that will end in genocide' if Haiti’s Prime Minister remains in power.

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Video games, food and ‘aha’ moments make this Cal State San Marcos professor one of the best

Alyssa Sepinwall was named the best teacher in the CSU system for getting students to grasp how their lives have been shaped by events that occurred long ago and far away.

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