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Being the First Responders: On the 13th Year of Haiti Earthquake

It was an accident. Third-degree burns nestled into the toddler’s limbs, and her anxious caregivers debated over taking her to the hospital. After a few days of the toddler’s blood-curdling screams, they faced their fear of deportation, and took her to the hospital.

As recent migrants from Haiti, they not only fled a three-decade dictatorship financed by the United States, but they also arrived with papers in hand… 


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Religion Prof Receives Fellowship to Help Preserve Vodou Temple

Professor of Religion Elizabeth McAlister is working alongside colleagues in Haiti to help preserve the precious art and sacred objects at one particular temple. To support her efforts, McAlister has recently been named a 2023 Crossroads Research Fellow by Princeton University. The Crossroads Project “responds to challenges that call for deeper public understanding of and scholarly engagement with Black religious histories and cultures,” according to its website.

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Louisiana State University Alumni Spotlight: Petrouchka Moïse

Dr. Petrouchka Moïse is the first graduate of the LSU Doctor of Design in Cultural Preservation program, adding to her growing list of “firsts” in her many accomplishments. In the spring of 2020, Dr. Moïse became the first doctoral graduate of the College of Art & Design. As part of the inaugural Doctor of Design cohort, Moïse’s doctoral research focused on the identity and role of the Haitian artist. Her dissertation and exhibition are titled “Mitan-Morphic: The Evolution of the Contemporary Haitian Artist in Relation to Trauma.” Her work showcased contemporary artists who no longer allow the lens on the Haitian culture to be out of focus or limited in its range.

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