Haitian Studies Association

Past Conferences

General Conference Information

In order to assist participants and attendees, we have put together this document to help you prepare. As we get more information we will update this document.

Conference Registration

Conference Registration is now open. Please note that all presenters need to register and be members of HSA. Attendees only need to register.

If you or your institution has a grant to pay for multiple presenters and the registration portal above would not work for this, please contact us to determine how to accomplish this.

Conference Program

We are hosting a series of pre-conference events, both online and in person, click here to read about them.

Here is a draft of our conference program. Please review the program and make sure the title and participants are correct. If you have any changes or requests, contact us.

Please note that our Friday and Saturday events will be in Howard University, on Sunday events will be in George Washington University.

Letters of Acceptance, Invitation & Visa Support

The acceptance email you received is considered your formal letter of acceptance and invitation to the conference. If you require a PDF letter on HSA’s official letterhead and signatures, please click here to get it.

HSA policy on Visa request – Each participant is responsible for securing any visa they may need to enter the United States whether directly or in transit through another country. Unfortunately, HSA is not in a position to assist with visa interviews or intervening with the embassy on your behalf. Nor are we in a position to ask that your appointment date be changed.

We are able to provide a letter to the US Consulate indicating your participation at the conference if your paper has been accepted.  If you need the letter we are able to provide, please contact us.


HSA’s Hotel Booking Link with Yours Truly, DC

Every presenter and attendee is responsible for arranging their own accommodations. HSA made a contract with the hotel Yours Truly, DC in order for our presenters and attendees to obtain a special discounted rate. You are encouraged to use our link to secure this special price.

If we have additional hotel information, we will include it here as well.

Travel & Transportation in DC

Flying into DC: There are multiple international airports in Washington DC. The particular one you use will depend on your budget, accommodation plans, travel dates, and other factors such as the country/region from which you are traveling. Here are some details:

    • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (airport code: DCA): Travel time to Yours Truly, DC is about 21 minutes via subway and 10 minutes via vehicle. This airport is also the closest to Howard University (5 miles). 
    • Washington Dulles International Airport (airport code: IAD): Travel time to Yours Truly, DC is about an hour and a half via subway/bus and half an hour via vehicle. This airport is 23 miles from Howard University. 
    • Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (airport code: BWI): Travel time to Yours Truly, DC is about an hour and a half via subway/bus and forty five minutes via vehicle. This airport is 30 miles from Howard University. 

An easy way to travel while in Washington DC is to use the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The website allows you to enter your starting destination and your final destination and help you plan your trip. You may either pay for each trip individually or purchase unlimited 1, 3, and 7 day  passes. You can see costs here. WMATA also has an app service that can let you use your phone as your bus pass.

Taking a train or a bus to DC:  Trains and busses travel to the Washington Union Station (railroad code WAS) which can connect you to Washington’s transit system. Travel Time to Yours Truly is about 22 minutes via subway/bus and 16–18 minutes via vehicle. The train station is 2.6 miles from Howard University. Note that several bus lines, including Greyhound and Peter Pan, stop at Union Station. Scroll down to “Buses” at the bottom of this page.

Conference Accommodations Connection

The emerging scholars committee is facilitating the sharing of information as a resource since many junior scholars may be looking to share hotel rooms or rides to minimize the expense of conference travel.

Click here to sign up.

HSA Member Mentorship Program

The emerging scholars committee is running a mentorship program aimed to match a mentor or mentee (one can be both mentored and mentor) during the conference or in the future.

Click here to sign up.

COVID Guidelines

Our conference must comply with the COVID guidelines stipulated by Howard University

We cannot predict what the situation will be in October, but the same principles from the last two years are to be expected. If the situation changes, we will make changes here.

    • Please wear a mask during your flight
    • Bring your proof of vaccination in case you need to show it
    • Bring masks and be willing to wear them
    • Keep in mind social distancing practices