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Dr. Paul Farmer, a great friend of Haiti has died

Paul Farmer with former H.S.A. President, Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph (2001)

A Great man!

A Great Physician!

A Champion of the poor and health equity!

The Haitian Studies Association (H.S.A) mourns the passing of Dr. Paul Farmer on Monday February 21, 2022 in Butaro, Rwanda.

Dr. Farmer was an American physician and global health leader. A great friend of Haiti, Dr. Farmer was a benefactor to the Haitian people.

We honor the life of this extraordinarily generous physician who worked relentlessly to create more health parity in Haiti, in Rwanda and throughout the world. The organization “Zanmi Lasante” he created, his work in Cange in the Plateau Central, and the ultra-modern public Hospital of Mirebalais are among his most important gifts to Haiti.

H.S.A. presents its heartfelt condolences to his wife, Didi Bertrand Farmer, his children, Catherine, Elizabeth and Sebastian and to his entire family. H.S.A. also presents its condolences to his many colleagues, friends, and patients.

Dr. Paul Farmer, who devoted his life to fighting deadly epidemics, has died. He was 62. (by Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald)

In the year 2001, the Haitian Studies Association honored Dr. Paul Farmer with its annual Excellence Award (see photo with former HSA President, Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph).

Honè! Respè pou ou Dr. Farmer!

Rest In Peace!

For the Haitian Studies Association

Regine Jackson, President

Cécile Accilien, Vice President

Celucien L. Joseph, Secretary

Claudine Michel, Executive Director