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The Character Assassination of Haiti (November 1, 2021)

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Co-sponsored by Union Theological Seminary, Haitian Studies Association, and In Cultured Company.

Join us on Monday, November 1, at 8:00 pm EST in celebration of Fèt Gede (Haitian Day of the Dead). Dr. Samuel Cruz and Nyya Flores Toussaint ’19 will host a discussion about how Haiti’s social, political, and spiritual context is wrongly contextualized as being a result of the 1791 Vodou ceremony at Bwa Kayiman that marked the beginning of the Slave Rebellion and Haitian Revolution.

Since Haiti’s successful establishment of the second nation-state in the Americas, Bwa Kayiman has been falsely claimed as Haiti making a pact with the devil in order to be emancipated and independent. This conversation will critically analyze the role imperialism, Christianity, and anti-Blackness have had on Haiti’s current politics, history, and spirituality.


Dr. Kyrah Malika Daniels, Assistant Professor of Art History and African & African Diaspora Studies, Boston College
Dr. Nathalie Frédéric Pierre, Assistant Professor of History of African Diaspora, Howard University
Dr. Mamyrah Dougé-Prosper, Assistant Professor School of Social Sciences, University of California Irvine