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Translating Haiti: Within and Beyond the Classroom (August 21, 2021)

See Recording of Event (English)

Date: Saturday, August 21, 3 to 5 pm ET

As part of the Emerging Scholars Translating Haiti Series, this event is a conversation between public scholars and the editors/contributors of Teaching Haiti: Strategies for Creating New Narratives. The event will focus on new ways of teaching about Haiti using different modalities. Discussants will share some aspects of their teaching practice and how they educate the wider public about Haitian culture, history, and contemporary politics. This event will also engage participants through Q/A and small group discussions.

Note: This event may be recorded and shared on our website and social media. If you have privacy concerns, you may keep camera & microphone off and communicate via chat (which will not be shared in its entirely). If this not sufficient for your privacy concerns, but you are interested in the content, you may view the recorded event at a later date.