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Letter from the editors of the Journal of Haitian Studies

Dear HSA members,

We write to provide some important announcements regarding the Journal of Haitian Studies (JOHS), which you are entitled to receive as part of your membership, and apologize for the delays in producing and distributing recent issues.

As for everyone, the past year has been difficult for the journal. In addition to the challenges posed by the COVID crisis, which has heavily impacted our staff, editorial board, contributors, and reviewers, we underwent a departmental reorganization that resulted in a complicated transition as the journal moved to a different research unit. These factors, together with the ongoing closure of our campus offices, posed significant disruptions to our operations throughout the year. We apologize for any problems caused by the resulting delays, especially for those of you who submitted articles to us.

JOHS is now part of the Haitian Studies and Engaged Scholarship projects housed at the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER) at UC Santa Barbara, and we look forward to a brighter year ahead. Now that the dust is settling on our move, we are pleased to share the following updates:

1) We have launched a new system for HSA members to receive the journal electronically: the issues published during your membership period are now available on-demand at https://www.haitianstudies.org/journal-of-haitian-studies/johs-issues/.

You will need to log in using the credentials given when you enrolled as an HSA member; there’s a link to reset your password if you do not remember it. If you are having any problems with your log in, please contact haitianstudiesassociation@gmail.com

2) The journal has a new website and contact information! Please update your contacts and bookmarks.

Website: https://haitianstudies.ucsb.edu/journal-of-haitian-studies/about

Journal email: JOHS@haitianstudies.ucsb.edu

Email for Rose Elfman, managing editor: relfman@ucsb.edu

Website for Haitian Studies projects at UCSB: https://haitianstudies.ucsb.edu

3) New policy on abstracts: In an effort to ensure that new ideas circulate productively between Haiti, the United States, and the other countries represented by our readership, we are now requiring that all published articles include abstracts in at least two of the journal’s primary languages (English, French, and Kreyòl). See the submission guidelines for full details.

4) We remain unable to print and mail hard copies of the journal while our campus is closed, but once the COVID situation allows us to return, we will contact you about the possibilities for receiving print editions of the journal issues produced during your membership period.

If you have any questions, please contact Rose Elfman at relfman@ucsb.edu. We are grateful for your patience and continued support, and we extend our best wishes to you for health, safety, and peace of mind in these difficult times.

—The Editors