Haitian Studies Association


Columbus State – Paid Research Opportunity (Jan. 21, 2021)

Deadline: January 21st, 2021.

Ronald Cetoute is in the dissertation phase and will be conducting a case study research on entrepreneurs who participated in a program he launched called the BEL Initiative program. The program is an entrepreneurship education program that hosts Haiti-based entrepreneurs in the U.S. each year to give them exposure to U.S. business culture, introduce them to different business concepts, and connect them with resources so they can expand their enterprises back home.

However, since he is the principal investigator in this research, this will present some conflict. He plans to collect the data through semi-structured zoom interviews. He needs assistance finding someone who could assist with conducting the interview portion of the research to avoid biased data collection. He only plans to conduct 7 to 10 interviews.

It would be ideal if the person was comfortable speaking English and Haitian-Creole, and has some prior research experience. The position pays $250. If interested contact Ronald at cetoute_ronald@columbusstate.edu.