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Journal of Haitian Studies – Call for Submissions


Journal of Haitian Studies Special Issue on the Environment
Deadline for Submissions: July 31, 2020

Climate Change, Sacred Ecologies
and Environmental Activism in Haiti

Special Issue Editor: Rebecca Dirksen, Indiana University

Globally we are confronted by a precariously changing climate—in ecological, political, economic, and spiritual terms. Few places face more immediate and profound consequences than Haiti: amid presently unfolding political and economic turmoil, the Global Climate Risk Index has repeatedly ranked the country as among the most vulnerable nations in the world to the effects of extreme weather events related to climate change (e.g., Eckstein, Künzel, and Schäfer 2017). Moreover, Haiti’s ecosystems have endured numerous pressures and threats extending back centuries to the earliest moments of colonial conquest, resulting in species decline, soil erosion, deforestation, compromised water sources, and the degradation of shorelines and coastal waters, among other situations of loss and disruption. Such challenges in turn affect the viability of agriculture, public health, governance and sovereignty, and other matters at the core of human (and non-human) life.

Download full Call for Submissions here.

Send submissions to relfman@ucsb.edu by July 31, 2020.

Please follow style submission guidelines, found at here. All submissions will go through peer review.

Photo by Rebecca Dirksen