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The Haitian Studies Association supports scholarship on Haiti and provides a forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge in order to inform pedagogy, practice, and policy about Haiti in an international community.

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H.S.A. Members Respond to the Current Situation in Haiti

As part of our mission, H.S.A. has always served as a reservoir of knowledge and a forum for analysis, especially in difficult times when it is important to depict Haiti with some historical, social and geo-political context. Here is a list of articles, blogs, interviews and other media produced by the membership since July 7 that analyzes the situation in Haiti. We welcome additions to this list, especially commentary and works written by our colleagues in Haiti.

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Events in July–September 2021

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    Deadline to submit book for the H.S.A. Book Prize
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    Documentary Screening: ‘Men Sa Lanmè Di’ with Q&A with Filmmaker & Marine Scientist
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    Special Online Event: "2 weeks after, what perspectives for Haiti?"
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    The Haitians Book Club: Translations

Recent news & updates

Working Group – Working across Disciplines toward Environmental Understanding for Haiti

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Journal of Haitian Studies available online

The last three issues of Journal of Haitian Studies are available online to all our members. Please read here the editors latest announcement.

The Haitians Book Club

The Haitians Book Club welcomes students and scholars, both inside and outside the academy, to a series of discussions of The Haitians: A Decolonial History, author Jean Casimir’s landmark work of theory and history. Beginning in August 2021, the club will hold four virtual, monthly meetings, free and open to the public. During these meetings, participants will focus our discussion on one of the following themes from The Haitians: translation; slavery and freedom; sovereignty and the state; and colonialism and decoloniality. An invited scholar or pair of scholars will lead each discussion and lend their expertise to our collective attempt to think about Haiti and the world through The Haitians.

Town Hall Response Strategy

International media often portrays Haiti as an ongoing crisis since its successful revolution for independence in 1804. This representation of history simultaneously fails to consider Haiti’s transnational roots and global connections and how Haitians persist in their brave fight for their freedom and sovereignty. Despite the Haitian Revolution’s triumph — an “unthinkable” act in the words of anthropologist/historian Michel-Rolph Trouillot — the event threatened the core of white supremacy. It resulted in dire repercussions against the new nation. In the face of “Western” critics, we aim to highlight real concerns in the country and stand in solidarity with Haiti. Men nou la! (We are here!)

Moments such as the current intersectional crisis oblige scholars and professionals to do more than talk or write. We are compelled to come together to think critically and productively about how theory and practice intertwine and how to incite meaningful change.

Working Groups 

Last year the H.S.A. piloted Working Sessions, to great enthusiasm from our members. The five live webinars from three Working Sessions were well attended, and generated interest to keep this series of bottom-up interdisciplinary spaces going.

Members like you have asked for new ways of connecting, being involved, and many of you have expressed the desire to make our collective scholarship relevant to conversations in policymaking, philanthropy, and legislation regarding Haiti. We know that cultivating a diverse and inclusive scholarly community, a lakou, is one of the ongoing strengths of our association. Working Groups will both build on this strength and foster more engaged scholarship.

Haitian Studies Association Membership Directory

With the goal of connecting our membership with the population at large, we now have a database of our members that opted to have their information available. It is our hope this directory can aid in connecting people of common goals in fruitful communication.