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The Haitian Studies Association supports scholarship on Haiti and provides a forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge in order to inform pedagogy, practice, and policy about Haiti in an international community.

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Call for Papers for the 30th Annual Conference

Haitian Studies at the Crossroads:

Integrating the Humanities, Arts, Religions, Technology, and Sciences

8-10 November 2018

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

A small group of dedicated individuals gathered in Boston in 1987 to create the Haitian Studies Association (HSA), in order to encourage meaningful exchanges among those who study Haiti from a diversity of disciplines. Since then, we have convened annually to develop and advance the field of Haitian Studies and the 2018 annual conference will mark our 30th anniversary. We will assemble again, three decades later to celebrate our achievements, gather our collective knowledge of Haiti, to reflect on the diverse forms of work that encompass the multidisciplinary perspectives of the field, and collectively consider various tactics and strategies for expanding Haitian Studies as well as the paths we wish to take in the future.

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