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The Haitian Studies Association supports scholarship on Haiti and provides a forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge in order to inform pedagogy, practice, and policy about Haiti in an international community.

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31st Annual Conference

Haitian Studies in Changing Climates

Gainesville, Florida

17-19 October 2019

Haitian Studies has evolved over the past thirty years from a small group of dedicated scholars, mostly in the humanities, to a robust interdisciplinary association ready to broaden its horizons, address unique challenges and embrace new opportunities.  This year we will go to the largest public university in the Sunshine State, home to the largest Haitian Diaspora.  We envision a large scope of discussions that will allow us not only to reflect on these important historical Diasporic ties and their socio-economic implications but also explore the tracks of tropical storms and hurricanes that bind our destinies.

As rising sea temperatures are triggering more destructive weather events and threatening infrastructures, Haiti is rising to the top of the list of countries most impacted by climate change, among other hardship she faces. Beyond its geographic location that renders Haiti one of the most vulnerable territories of the hemisphere, research has long established that wide-ranging disasters are expressions of vulnerability, the results of cumulative human actions. A long-term interdisciplinary examination reveals that geophysical vulnerability is interwoven with its geopolitical vulnerabilities. Its proximity to the oldest republic in the hemisphere, which became the world’s pre-eminent superpower in part because of the Haitian Revolution and the Louisiana Purchase, has bound Haiti’s economy and well-being to U.S. economic and foreign policies. Family ties across the Diaspora are now threatened to be torn asunder by a rising tide of xenophobia, and with them the remittances that keep Haiti’s economy afloat. In this conference, we will contemplate the impact of other changing environments that not only create unique challenges for the population but also activate critical collective and institutional affiliations, nationally and internationally. H.S.A. is uniquely poised to offer fresh perspectives on the changing climates in and on Haiti.

This year’s conference will reflect on our positions as scholars and practitioners, the contributions that we can make in understanding these paradigm shifts and the type of interventions we might be able to offer. [READ MORE]

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